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Where to find Custom GPTs created by people in 2024?

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Do  you want to use GPTs for your business and work?

Or do you want to have fun exploring random custom GPTs?

Then you must be looking for custom GPTs created by other ChatGPT users.

Don’t worry I will tell you best websites and resources where you can find numerous GPTs made for specific use cases. 

These custom GPTs are public and any ChatGPT user with chatgpt plus subscription can use them. 

However, OpenAI was going to announce its own GPT store which got delayed. 

Unfortunately there are not many methods to access GPTs by others. 

So I have found some tricks, methods, websites and sources to use GPTs built by people. 

Custom GPT websites : 

All GPTs directory

All GPT is a website made for ChatGPT users. Using the All GPTs directory, where you can browse and filter through different Custom GPTs built using OpenAI’s new GPTs. Each model is categorized, and creators can also submit their own Custom GPT to get listed on the platform1.

GPT Finder 

GPT finder is a custom GPT that searches OpenAI’s database of GPTs.

 This GPT allows you to search across all public GPTs in one place and ranks them based on popularity2.

Search the Site

You can find custom GPT right from your Google search or Bing search bar where you can simply do a site search site: to find all the awesome GPTs being created by the community3.


Find custom GPTs using Reddit, where you can join the r/OpenAI subreddit and find out the latest and best Custom GPTs created by people4.


Use twitter hashtags like #gptbuilder #mycustomgpt #mygpt #gpt4 #customgpt etc. to find different new and useful custom GPTs by others. 

AI creators 

Many social media creators are sharing list of GPTs by other users, you can follow them and access their content to find such lists everyday. 

The Rundown

This is a website where you can find various custom GPTs submitted by other users. These GPTs are public to use and anyone with chatgpt plus subscription can access them. 


WhatpluginAI is another website to access many GPTs by others. Builders submit their GPTs here. Apart from this you can also find chatgpt plugins and other AI tools on this website. 


So this was a guide on where to find Custom GPTs created by people.

Custom GPTs are a great way to create amazing content for your business, online earning, or personal growth.

You can use Custom GPTs to create content for any niche, topic, or purpose.

You can also use Custom GPTs to explore and learn from the creativity and expertise of other people who have created Custom GPTs.

If you have also created a GPT for others to use, don’t forget to mention it in the comment section. 

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FAQ : Custom GPTs

Can you create custom GPT free?

Yes you can create a custom GPT on free ChatGPT with a trick of custom instructions. 

How to use custom GPT by others?

Find custom gpt created by others and use it for various purpose such as productivity, content creation and SEO.

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