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Anthropic AI Startup Case Study: ChatGPT Killer?

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Have you heard about Elon Musk bringing his new AI chatbot GROK by his company xAI? To compete with ChatGPT?

But Google is also not behind, after launching Bard AI now Google has new plans with Anthropic’s Claude !

Let’s know it in detail…

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All About Anthropic AI Startup

What is Anthropic? 🌈

Have you heard about Claude? No, it’s not Cloud it’s Claude! If you have been into the AI world and exploring different tools then you might have heard about it.

In simple terms, it is said to be an AI assistant like ChatGPT.

Yes in the war between ChatGPT vs Google Bard, Google is coming soon with Claude.

More on this later!

And who is the maker of Claude? Yes, that’s what Anthropic is !

Like people know Google but not Alphabet – its parent company, similarly many AI enthusiasts know Claude but not Anthropic. 

Anthropic is a San Francisco-based AI safety and research firm. It was founded in 2021 by Dario and Daniela Amodei and now has more than 150 employees.

Anthropic was formed by former officials from the Microsoft-backed OpenAI Jack Clark

Ahtropic is an AI startup and the parent company of Claude, a chatbot to compete with Microsoft-supported OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Anthropic is backed by Alphabet.

Earlier, it had received a $300 million investment from Google.
This investment included a deal for Google Cloud to handle Anthropic’s computational needs and gave Google about a 10% share in the startup

What is Claude? 🌨️

Well since the hero product for Anthropic is Claude here, let’s talk about it. Because so far Claude is the only software Anthropic is focused on. 🌤️

Claude is a next-generation AI assistant based on Anthropic’s research on training helpful, honest, and harmless AI systems.

Claude, which is accessible via a chat interface and API in its developer dashboard, is capable of a wide range of conversational and text-processing tasks.

As an AI assistant, Claude can assist with summarisation, searching, creative and collaborative writing, Q&A, coding, and other tasks.

And that’s where it might sound similar to ChatGPT. 💬

In fact, it has many good reviews. ✅

Customers and Users have reported that Claude is less likely to produce harmful outputs, is easier to converse with, and allows you to achieve your desired output with less effort.

Claude can also be directed in terms of personality, tone, and conduct.

What’s Next?🔍

Recently Anthropic came up with LEO AI which is an AI assistant for Brave browser.

Claude is a cutting-edge high-performance model, whereas Claude Instant is a lighter, less costly, and far speedier choice.

Apart from this (if you read the news) Google has recently invested $2 billion in Anthropic.

The latest version of Claude, Claude 2, was announced in July 2023 and has improved performance, longer responses, and can be accessed via API or a beta website.

Claude 2 can also work with large documents, code, and math problems, and has better safety features than previous models.

In short future is bright for both Claude and Anthropic, but the point is to see if it can really compete with ChatGPT.

Claude VS ChatGPT? 🔥

Open AI developed ChatGPT along with Elon Musk.

Then Microsoft got ChatGPT in its cart and offered it for free through BING (oh that brat is so rude!)

Google Launched Bard (Not perfect but not bad).

And now Google coming up with Claude to compete with ChatGPT. So everyone has been talking about this unseen cold war 🥶

Let’s see where both stand: –


For Common people (like me & might be you) Claude is not completely free like ChatGPT, but does offer a free version with very limited features.


Claude uses a technique called Constitutional AI, which tries to produce AI systems that are aligned with human goals and values from the start. While ChatGPT uses a Generative Pre-trained Transformer, which trains AI systems on large amounts of text data and then fine-tunes them for specific tasks


Claude has a larger token size than ChatGPT, which means it can process more input and output data per session. However, ChatGPT has a larger knowledge base than Claude, which means it can access more information and generate more diverse responses.


Claude has more up-to-date data than ChatGPT, as it is trained on more recent text sources. ChatGPT has more historical data than Claude, as it is trained on older text sources.


Claude is better at creative tasks, following instructions, trivia questions, and prompt injections. ChatGPT is better at coding problems, result explanations, and general output formatting.

HOO.. ! Too much heat between both, isn’t it? So Who’s the winner according to you? 🏆


So what do you think what future holds for Anthropic? Is it going to kill OpenAI ? Or it will die? Let’s see!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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FAQ: Anthropic AI Startup

What is LEO AI by Anthropic?

Leo AI is a generative AI assistant for Brave Browser. Brave is a decentralized browser. Leo AI is built on top of two language models: Anthropic’s Claude and Meta’s Llama2. Leo AI can translate, analyze, and rewrite web pages, as well as chat with users about various topics.

What is Grok by Elon Musk?

Grok is a new AI chatbot by Elon Musk’s company xAI. Grok is powered by a large language model called Grok-1, which is based on ChatGPT and claims to surpass it on some benchmarks.

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