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5 AI Plugins to never install on WordPress site in 2024

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Are you running your blog, E-commerce store or Business site on WordPress?

Then AI plugins are the need of the hour you should be checking out. 

However , in this rush of finding best AI WordPress plugins

it’s hard to decide which one to choose and which not. 

Especially when everyone is telling you to TRY their recommended list of AI tools. Like that is actually going to solve your problems. (But I understand the problem of getting overwhelmed by so many options). 

Don’t worry , I’m here to tell you what you should NOT do because everyone else is busy to just tell you what you should be doing.

Those unnecessary long lists are just creating AI FOMO in you. 

So first know what you DON’T need , and you’ll figure out what you need ! 

Why to not use these AI WordPress plugins?

I know after going through this list you will think how I decided to list these 5 AI plugins ?

Here are the parameters I chose: 

  • They are outdated or incompatible with the latest WordPress version or other plugins.
  • They have poor ratings or reviews from users or experts.
  • They have security or performance issues that may compromise your site or user experience.
  • They have limited features or functionality that do not meet your expectations or requirements.
  • They have high costs or hidden fees that may not be worth the value they provide.

Now without any further ado, let’s get into it …

Here are 5 WordPress AI Plugins  that you should NOT rely on – 

Don’t use these 5 WordPress AI Plugins : 

Jetpack AI  – Not good for content creation 

Jetpack is a powerful plugin for wordpress site but not its content creation AI feature. 

Jetpack offers AI content creation tool , however it isn’t reliable. 

It can generate low-quality, plagiarized, or harmful content for your site. 

It also does not disclose how it ensures the quality, originality, and accuracy of the content. 

This AI generated content may also be plagiarized and typical. Writing such typical AI content may affect your site’s rank on search engines like Google. 

So don’t use such AI tools to write your content. 

AI Search Bar

There are already built in search bar in every WordPress site. Even the theme you use comes with a customized search engine whether you have an E-commerce site or business website. 

That’s why you don’t need separate AI plugin just for the search bar. 


This is an AI Image generation plugin to generate AI images right in your wordpress site. 

However this plugin may affect your site’s speed. 

As you know every plugin comes with its separate code. That’s why using these plugins may increase your site’s laoding time. 

There are many generative ai tools to get better quality images which this plugin doesn’t offer. 

Apart from this Salvador plugin is not even timely updated, so stay away from it. 

LongShot AI 

LongShot is an AI writing assistant that helps research, generate, and optimize long-form content.

However, the plugin is not timely updates. With daily AI breakthroughs, an AI plugin must be updated regularly. 

These kind of content generation plugins not only will create plagiarized content but will also affect speed and security of your site. 

Innovator AI

It is a virtual AI assistant to make your WordPress content automation journey smooth and beautiful using Open AI and ChatGPT.

However, you don’t need a separate ai plugin for this. There are many simple tools to use for these simple tasks. 

Apart from this the plugin is also not updated regularly which is a security concern. 


No tool Is bad from its point of view. What matters is if it can give you the kind of value you need or not. 

So keep exploring until you find the best tools, methods and software powered by AI that will increase your viewers, revenue and brand authenticity. 

Is there any AI wordpress plugin that you used and didn’t like? Let us all know in the comments. 

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