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Why you should avoid AI WordPress plugins in 2024?

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Should you even use any AI plugin for WordPress website?

There are many reasons why you need them like efficiency, productivity, automation and so on.

But there are also some reasons why you need to avoid using WordPress AI Plugins :

AI tools can do that too 

There are many tasks that AI plugins are made for but they are not as efficient as separate AI tools. 

Many of these Tools powered by Artificial Intelligence are far more better. So they are more reliable. 

Too Many options 

You don’t need separate plugin for each task. Instead, try looking for an all in one wordpress plugin which is more reliable and provides multiple features under one plugin. This way you won’t need to load up your wordpress site with random plugins. 

Your website will be slow

Yes you heard it right. Artificial intelligence in new technology and advancing day by day. There are many AI software that are not well optimized for a site. Since codes of these plugins are integrated in your wordpress theme.  Many of these AI add-on services require to access API keys. That is not a quick stuff. 

This way they exceed the loading time of your site.

And all WordPress users are well aware, how horrible of nightmare that is. 

Just imagine losing thousands of visitors, hundreds of customers, and tens of clients just because your site loaded 5 seconds late. 

You don’t want that right?

So, either download only well-optimized lightweight plugins, or download only MOST needed ones. 

Alternatively, as I discussed, you can also prefer separate AI tools instead of directly installing a plugin on your WordPress website or blog. 

Different types of AI WordPress Plugins 

Before you decide which AI plugin to choose or avoid, first know what different types of plugins are. 

This will help you to decide what exactly you want for your site. 

Content creation

If you need an AI plugin that can help you generate high-quality and SEO-friendly content for your WordPress site, you can try Hostinger AI Assistant or WP AI CoPilot. 

These plugins use advanced AI models like GPT-3 to create well-structured and engaging blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and more, based on your topic and specifications. 

You can also edit and customize the AI-generated content before publishing it on your site.


 If you want to optimize your WordPress site for search engines and improve your ranking and visibility, you can use plugins like Yoast SEO.  

These plugins use AI to analyse your site and provide you with smart recommendations and tools to improve your SEO performance.

 You can also use features like keyword research, schema markup, sitemap generation, and more, to boost your site’s SEO.


 If you are concerned about the security of your WordPress site and want to protect it from malware, spam, and other threats, you can use plugins like  Akismet Spam Protection. 

These plugins use AI to scan your site and detect and remove any malicious code, files, or comments. You can also monitor your site’s security status and get alerts and reports on any issues.


 If you want to make your WordPress site multilingual and reach a global audience, you can use plugins like Google Language Translator.

These plugins use AI to translate your site’s content into over 100 languages, using Google’s translation service. 

You can also use features like text-to-speech, language switcher, and automatic detection, to enhance your site’s translation experience.

Live chat

If you want to provide better customer service and engagement for your WordPress site visitors, you can use plugins like Tidio.

 These plugins use AI to create a custom chatbot that can answer common questions, provide support, collect feedback, and more. 

You can also integrate the chatbot with other platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or email.

Image generation

If you need an AI plugin that can help you create stunning and unique images for your WordPress site, you can try plugins like Divi AI. 

These plugins use AI models like GPT-3 or DALL-E to generate images based on your text input, such as a logo, a banner, an infographic, or a product image. 

You can also edit and customize the AI-generated images before using them on your site.

Form creation

If you want to create smart and interactive forms for your WordPress site, you can use plugins like Formidable Forms.

These plugins use AI to help you design and build forms that can collect data, generate leads, conduct surveys, and more. 

You can also use features like conditional logic, calculations, file uploads, and email notifications, to enhance your form functionality.


So this was the guide on why you should not use any AI Plugin in WordPress. However it depends from tool to tool. So before installing please check its compatibility with your website, store or blog on WordPress.

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FAQ : AI WordPress Plugins
What are AI plugins for wordpress?

These wordpress plugins are powered by Artificial Technology.

What are best AI WordPress plugins?

WordPress plugins like Rank Math SEO , AI Engine, Hostinger AI are one of the best AI plugins.

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