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20 automations of Custom GPT with Zapier AI in 2024

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Do you want to automate your business or daily tasks using ChatGPT and Zapier AI actions?

Struggling to be more productive using AI tools?

But confused how to do it?

Don’t know how to use Zapier plugin in your custom GPT?

 Don’t worry I will help you integrate Zapier automations with your custom GPT to get more done in less time, make money and grow 100x faster.

I have created this free Guide Book to help you get started with Zapier and Custom GPTs. You will find 50 custom GPT ideas to earn more and get more done. 

These creative, smart and secret GPT ideas can do more than you think.

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ChatGPT and Zapier 

Everyone is building custom GPs for different purposes such as automating tasks, create content or to make money. 

If you are a business, freelancer, solopreneur or content creator Zapier and  Chatgpt is all you need. 

Zapier is available as ChatGPT plugin which enhances ChatGPT’s powers through automation. 

After the announcement of custom GPT builder feature by OpenAI , Zapier launched its Zapier AI action for more streamline automations using its library of 6000+ apps. 

What is custom GPT?

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, which is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can generate natural language content based on your input. You can use GPT to create blog posts, social media captions, emails, and more.

But GPT is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Sometimes, you may want to customize GPT to suit your specific needs, niche, or purpose. For example, you may want to generate content that is more relevant, creative, or engaging for your audience.

That’s where custom GPT comes in. Custom GPT is a way of modifying or enhancing GPT to generate content that matches your criteria, such as tone, style, format, length, etc. Custom GPT can help you create content that is more unique, original, and effective.

But how can you create custom GPT? One of the easiest and fastest ways is to use Zapier.

What is Zapier AI action?

Zapier is an online platform that allows you to connect and automate various apps and tools without coding. You can use Zapier to create workflows, or zaps, that perform tasks for you based on triggers and actions.

For example, you can create a zap that automatically sends an email to your subscribers whenever you publish a new blog post. Or you can create a zap that automatically posts your social media content to multiple platforms at once.

But Zapier can also help you create custom GPT using its AI action. The AI action is a feature that allows you to use AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard AI, Bing AI, Midjourney, DALL-E, etc. to generate natural language content based on your input.

You can use the AI action to create various types of content, such as headlines, summaries, captions, slogans, etc. You can also use the AI action to customize your content using prompts, keywords, filters, etc.

The AI action is a powerful and versatile way to create custom GPT with Zapier.

You can build custom GPT with zapier Zaps.

What is ZAP? 

In case you are not aware of how Zapier works then let me tell you. Zapier is an automation tool which attaches different other tools and services like WordPress, slack, Freshworks, Google Docs, buffer, Mailchimp etc. to automate tasks between them. 

1 Zap = 1 Automation (which will include multiple apps/tools in it).

It works on a trigger system. Means you start a Zap when something happens on some app which is the “trigger” (recall how a gun works, you pull the trigger and boom…). 

Coming back to our topic, Zapier plugin is available in chatGPT which you can use to automate tasks from your ChatGPT interface while powering it up with ChatGPT’s enormous AI capabilities. 

How to build GPT with Zapier AI Action?

To build a custom GPT with Zapier and its AI action feature, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to and log in.
  • In the sidebar, click Explore.
  • Click Create a GPT.
  • Enter your instructions in the message box of the Create page. Chat with the GPT builder until you get the results you want.
  • Click Configure to add advanced customizations to your AI assistant. You can name your GPT, add your own files as knowledge sources, and import actions from Zapier or other OpenAI capabilities.
  • To import actions from Zapier, click Add actions and then click Import from URL. Paste this special URL into the box: 
  • Then click Import. You will see a bunch of text appear in the box. At the top right, click Save. You have now added Zapier AI actions to your GPT.
  • You will need to provide some instructions to the GPT so that it understands how to use Zapier AI actions.
  • Click Save, and select how you want to share your custom GPT. You can make it public, private, or invite-only.
  • Click Confirm. You have now created your own custom GPT with Zapier and its AI action feature.

That’s it! You have successfully built custom GPT with Zapier.

Why to use Zapier plugin to build custom GPT?

Using Zapier plugin to build custom GPT has many benefits, such as:

  • It saves you time, energy, and money by letting AI tools handle the content creation for you.
  • It allows you to create and improve your content for any niche, topic, or purpose.
  • It helps you create content that is more unique, original, and effective for your audience.
  • It gives you more control and flexibility over your content using prompts, keywords, filters, etc.
  • It integrates with various apps and tools that you already use or love.

Using Zapier plugin to build custom GPT is a smart and easy way to create amazing content for your business, online earning, or personal growth.

10 Custom GPT ideas using Zapier AI action plugin 

To give you some inspiration here are some ideas to build GPT with Zapier. 

Schedule article and social post 

Research, write and edit blogs , post to WordPress or website and schedule a social media post for it – all in one automated. 

Recommend what they want 

It will be helpful to e-commerce stores and service businesses  to collect inputs from their visitors or customers through a survey then automatically sending customized mail recommending products or services.

Store Day Summary 

This GPT can add new order’s invoice in your quickbooks (accouting software) and then at the end of the day or week it can create a report of what products got sold at what time along with other metrics such as average price. 

Then it will mail you that report in text form , turn it into visuals or send a spreadsheet link to your slack or notion plan. Do much more than that automatically.

Transaction Analysis 

This custom GPT will create an actionable guide or analytical summary depending on your business or financial goals. It will store or send it wherever you want.

YouTube Manager

This custom gpt not just helps you craft compelling scripts but also help you to schedule YouTube videos along with keyword rich description and title. 

Audio to Article 

Posted a new podcast? Want to write a summary of it and post a blog about it? Or want to write an article on someone else’s podcast ? 

Video to Article 

Like we created podcast to article , similarly a video to article can also be created. 

AV to Social 

Why limit to article? You can use your Custom GPT AV Social (Stands for Audio Video Social) to turn a podcast or video into a social media post via Canva and chatgpt. 

Text to Infographics

I have explored many AI tools but not even a  single of them is good at turning a post content to infographic. Many of them are only limited to generating an image from text or blog. 

Project Management 

A GPT for project management is a custom GPT that can help you plan, track, and manage your projects and tasks. 

This is just a short description whole description and step by step guide to build that specific GPT with Zapier AI action you can find in free guide, download now ! 


So this is for this GPT and Zapier guide. 

Don’yt forget to download this Free guide book for more step by step information on how to build a custom GPT with zapier for each idea. 

You will find much more about zapier and Chatgpt in it. Donwload for free. 

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FAQ : Zapier and ChatGPT

Does Zapier work with ChatGPT?

Yes, Use Zapier AI action to use it with ChatGPT.

How do I use Zapier with OpenAI?

Install Zapier plugin on ChatGPT. 

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