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Copy My 50 Custom GPT ideas to make money with OpenAI’s GPT store in 2024

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GPT store is here !

And you want to make money with it , right? Don’t worry i am here to help !

Do you want to build custom GPTs  But struggling to get a perfect idea?

Or you do have some ideas but don’t know how to visualize them and get step-by-step performa?

Or do you want to build a custom GPT to make money?

Whether you want to create a custom GPT for fun, for your business, or to make money first thing you will need is an Idea and how to visualize that idea right?

Don’t worry I’m here to help you out.

I have created this awesome Idea List book in PDF format with 50 secret, smart and awesome custom GPT ideas that you never thought about. 

What you can do with these custom GPT idea guide?

  • Make Money 
  • Automate your business in smart and simple way
  • Find secret GPT building method that no one will tell you about 
  • Create fun GPTs for yourself
  • Get more cleints, customers or uses.
  • Best chatgpt plugin recommendation to build a custom GPT
  • Guide to “Actions” and “instructions Creation” for GPTs
  • Step by Step guide to build each custom GPT (yeah its not just about ideas.)
  • Custom GPT ideas with ChatGPT plugins
  • Custom GPT ideas with Knowledge content
  • Custom GPT ideas with Zapier AI Actions 
  • Creative and Unique Custom GPT ideas no one will tell you about.
  • And much more !


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In this guide list I have divided ideas in three sets – 

Simple Ideas 

These are more of newbie friendly. 

In this guide simple ideas are those that you can build without any external actions or APi help. 

Advance Ideas

These GPT ideas are for players who like to explore different GPT resources.

Smart Ideas

These are for serious people who are not here just for fun. But these can be little harder to build. 

Currently, this list is Free but its upgraded version may get paid which will all be about Custom GPTs in detail for growth and getting clients, users or customers. 

So before it gets late Download the free version and get access to the paid soon.

Here is a short description of each custom GPT idea in this ebook –

1 GPT Helper 

Help people build Custom GPTs tailored to their unique use cases. 

2/ Virtual Lover 

An actor GPT who acts like your dream girl or dream boy. 

3/ First Aid Helper 

You need someone for small-small injuries. 

4/ Prompt Helper 

Who knows AI better than AI?

5/ Be the Government 

Your personal civil service exam teacher and mentor.  Huge potential in countries like India. 

6/ Mock Paper maker 

Mock papers are the only way for smart practice. 

7/ God GPT

Talk to a God you like in a mood you want and for a problem you have. 

8/ Idea Validator

Ideas are easy , execution is difficult. 

9/  Favourite Freelancer

Get more freelance clients with this expert who have years of experience.

10/  Business is not Small 

As a newbie entrepreneur you need someone to guide you according to your location and business type. 

11/ Beautiful Grandma 

Get the ancient beauty secrets from grandmother. 

12/ Personal Product advisor

Shop better and what you really need. 

13/ Ancient Doctor 

Get ancient people like health. 

14/ Rescue Friend 

Save money on small-small expenses like paying a plumber for pipe leak.

15/ Youtube script writer in local language 

Because many online AI content writing tools suck , they don’t know specific needs and they are uselessly expensive. 

16/ Newsletter aggregator 

Curate list of top news and build a newsletter. 

17/ Talk to Dream Lady

Talk to your favourite fiction lady. 

18/ Talk to Male Character

Want to talk to your Kpop idol or Kdrama character ?

19/ Party and Picnic buddy 

This GPT knows how to give perfect party rocks for your gang.

20/ Local Law 

A lawyer expert in your local judiciary system.

21/ Voiceover GPT

AI content creator to turn your curated content into human like voice.

22/ Play My Story

Make choices and live a story.

23/ Take my invoice

Create, design and send invoices.

24/  Guess the Word win the Reward 

Wordgames within your chatgpt interface and it will give you visual rewards to win. 

25/ Detective’s Mystery

A game GPT to solve mysteries that you created yourself. Yes even the GPT may not know the answer.

26/ Viral Video

Get viral with video content tailored for you that is better than your competitor.

27/ NFT Helper 

Best GPT for NFT (Non-Fundgible Token) investors and creators.

28/ Avatar Video Creator

Write, transcribe, rewrite, create person-to-person videos and automate your video creation process , all in one. 

29/ Storybook 

From writing a novel or storybook to creating, designing and publishing, this one GPT is all you need. 

30/ Creator’s  Coin

Best for cryptocurrency investors or creators. 

31/ Manage my Hook

Build a custom GPT for java developers that can write, deploy and manage HTTP webhook for javascript directly from their chatgpt interface. 

33/  Visualize my Idea

Brainstorming is a cluttery process. But it can be organized with a custom GPT. 

34/ Short Creator

Short Creator GPT can turn your text into stunning short videos that you can download or directly send to your email or google drive. 

35/ Reach Coldly

This GPT is all you need from writing customized message , personalized email , designing graphics to sending and managing your messages.

36/ What to wear?

Specific design, specific stye, your mood, any weather , this GPT is all you need to be your stylist. 

37/ Network Network 

Know your linkedin or social media contacts better without going to their profiles, craft personalized messages, offers , schedule meetings and much more with just one ChatGPT plugin. 

38/ Schedule article and social post 

Research, write and edit blogs , post to WordPress or website and schedule a social media post for it – all in one automated. 

39/ Recommend what they want 

It will be helpful to e-commerce stores and service businesses  to collect inputs from their visitors or customers through a survey then automatically sending customized mail recommending products or services.

40/ Store Day Summary 

This GPT can add new order’s invoice in your quickbooks (accouting software) and then at the end of the day or week it can create a report of what products got sold at what time along with other metrics such as average price. 

Then it will mail you that report in text form , turn it into visuals or send a spreadsheet link to your slack or notion plan. Do much more than that automatically.

41/ Transaction Analysis 

This custom GPT will create an actionable guide or analytical summary depending on your business or financial goals. It will store or send it wherever you want.

42/ YouTube Manager

This custom gpt not just helps you craft compelling scripts but also help you to schedule YouTube videos along with keyword rich description and title. 

43/  Audio to Article 

Posted a new podcast? Want to write a summary of it and post a blog about it? Or want to write an article on someone else’s podcast ? 

44/  Audio to Newsletter 

Just like the article Zapier and GPT can automate your or someone else’s  podcast to newsletter task too. 

45/  Video to Article 

Like we created podcast to article , similarly a video to article can also be created. 

46/ AV to Social 

Why limit to article? You can use your Custom GPT AV Social (Stands for Audio Video Social) to turn a podcast or video into a social media post via Canva and chatgpt. 

47/ Text to Infogrpahic

I have explored many AI tools but not even a  single of them is good at turning a post content to the infographic. Many of them are only limited to generating an image from text or blog. 

48/ Schedule twitter threads

Use your custom gpt to not just research for best tweets, write threads but also schedule it. 

49/ Schedule IG and FB Posts 

Use chatgpt and zapier to write, design and schedule Instagram posts. Instead of simple Instagram posts you can also generate a joke, meme or quote post and schedule it. 

50/ Project Management 

A GPT for project management is a custom GPT that can help you plan, track, and manage your projects and tasks. 


Wooh ! So this was a short description of all the creative , secret and smart Custom GPT ideas that you can build right away. 

Now streamline your business, save more money aur earn more helpful GPTs that are more than just text based AI assistants. 

Don’t forget to download the Ebook for Free !

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FAQ : Custom GPT Ideas

What is the best custom GPT?

GPT Finder is one of the best custom GPT which helps to find other GPTs.

How to find Custom GPT ?

Search it in google by site or find GPTs by people on reddit. 

How to create custom GPT?

Go to chatgpt and click on create option to build your own chatgpt. 

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