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This is how you can sell AI prompts and make money in 2024

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Hey, It’s sash here!

Looking for business ideas, startup ideas, or side hustle ideas in the AI niche?

Or want to become an entrepreneur or solopreneur with the help of AI and AI automation tools?

Or are you just a hustler looking for side projects to generate passive income through Artificial Intelligence?

Then you are in the right place.

In this series of AI Business Ideas, we share practical guides and step-by-step processes to start an AI Side hustle or startup. You will also find real techniques and strategies for an AI business or for any business using AI tools

There is a lot to share.

In this post I’m going to share one AI idea case study with strategies :

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Start an AI Pormpt Selling Business or Side Hustle

The Idea

Sell AI prompts for different AI models.

Selling AI prompts is a way of making money by creating and offering instructions for generative AI models like ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL·E, and Stable Diffusion.

These prompts can help users produce better outputs, save time and API costs, and achieve various creative or practical goals.

You can sell AI prompts for different categories, such as images, text, music, code, etc.


First Learn prompt engineering.

Follow Experts on social media, get their prompt list, and practice with them.

The best way is to use your creativity to find different problems, then create prompts and get output results from your AI model.

Whatever prompt works, mark it down, whichever doesn’t work, practice more with that by modifying.

Learn the required skills to become a prompt engineer if you want to be an expert at it.


It’s simple! Sell your Prompts in the marketplaces.

You can sell them on your website through ads.

Or if you already have a network and following then sell through your personal social media account. You can also build a private community of people who want your prompts and how you do it.

Sell courses once you have some prompt sales and have a following.

You can also sell your e-book guides or create a YouTube channel which is another way to get a loyal following and passive earning source.

Or if you have a business where prompt guides can be used as freebies then use them to generate leads.

Sell your services to other businesses by automating their tasks or providing them with content like blogs, copies, images, thumbnails, etc.

There are different ways to earn from selling AI prompts, such as:

  • Charging a fixed price per prompt or per bundle of prompts
  • Offering a subscription or membership model for access to your prompts
  • Providing custom prompt creation or consultation services
  • Getting commissions or royalties from the outputs generated by your prompts


Use forums and Communities to see what people are struggling to use AI models correctly.

What are their problems and why they are not able to use AI models for their problems?

Help them and make a portfolio of prompts that work out.

Try to target niche types of problems instead of creating prompts for everything.


There are several platforms and marketplaces where you can sell AI prompts, such as:


The largest and most popular marketplace for buying and selling prompts for various AI models and categories


 A similar platform to PromptBase, but with a focus on image prompts and Stable Diffusion


A free platform for searching and sharing AI-generated images and the prompts used to create them


Many AI content creators are using prompt guides to grow their following and business such as Adam Biddlecombe and Ruben Hassid.


So that’s it for this guide buddy!

Now rest is up to you, DYOR, see what other creators are doing and just start talking to your AI model.

Make sure you choose an AI model that you really like such as Image generation or Text generation. To be more specific find a niche and get outputs only related to that. Be an expert in that and then teach others.

Best of luck !✌️

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How do you make money selling prompts?

Sell your prompts to AI Prompt marketplaces or Sell your prompts to in niche communities.

How do I become an AI prompt writer?

Be good at asking questions.
Follow other creators who are sharing their prompt writing experiences.
Ask questions like you are talking to a human best friend.
Don’t try to sound too technical and formal with your AI assistant.
Give specific and clear prompts.

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