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How to make money with AI SEO tool in 2024 (PostCheetah Case Study) ? | AI Startup Case Studies

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Are you a content creator or an E-commerce owner? Then you must be aware of the value of SEO, right?

SEO or search engine optimization is the most important thing to grow “organically”!

But what if AI can make it easier?

Artificial Intelligence-focused Startups like PostCheetah is making it possible to streamline your SEO work more efficiently!

Let’s get to know it more…

Disclaimer : This Case Study is only for information purpose, it is not sponsored ! 
SOURCES: IndieHacker,, @markgadala on X
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All about PostCheetah AI for SEO | AI Business Case Study

What is PostCheetah AI? 🗒️

Does the name give the content and SEO vibes?

Yes, you got it right!

PostCheetah is an SEO tool combined with AI.

PC’s AI tool helps you create and improve your website content using artificial intelligence.

But how?

You can use it to find the best keywords, topics, and headlines for your content, and to write or edit your content with the help of AI.

You can also use it to publish and schedule your content on your website platform, such as WordPress or Shopify.

It can also help you measure and improve your website performance using data from Google Search Console.

Oh well, that’s a long list of features, isn’t it?🤔

Launched in August 2023, it’s just not any other AI tool and startup (yeah its a baby but you will agree once you’ll know its sales.)

So first, who is using it?

Some of the customers who use PC AI tools are bloggers, marketers, and e-commerce owners.

They use it to help them create and optimize their website content faster and easier.

For example, a blogger can use it to find the best keywords and topics for their blog posts and to write or edit their posts with the help of AI.

A marketer can use this AI SEO tool to create and publish catchy headlines and descriptions for their products or services.

An e-commerce owner can use PostCheetah to improve their product pages and increase their sales.

According to its website, the tool can understand the meaning and intent of the content and the users.

It does not just use the words, but also the concepts and emotions behind them.

It can also learn from the feedback and questions of the users, and improve its quality and features over time.

Okay, lots of “preaching the product” Let’s talk about the mind behind it and what this startup did to convince me to share its story!

The Founder 🧠

PostCheetah was founded by Mark Gadala and the company is from Miami, Florida.

Mark is an SEO expert with over 12 years of experience in the field and was running an SEO agency before starting PC.

As per him, Mark wasn’t afraid if he was going to get the “Product Market Fit” or not because he was basically solving his own problem to streamline the entire SEO process with AI.

He got this amazing idea while getting in the AI rush last year while using ChatGPT for SEO.

Mark began developing the tool immediately after stumbling upon this cool idea in January 2023.

Launched in August today, his startup PostCheetah stands on $3k MRR, which is incredible (applause !!!) 👏

And you know how he did it? With ZERO Paid ads ! Yes !! Let’s know how !

The Sales and Marketing 📊

For initial marketing, Mark tried to run some Facebook ads to an early access sign-up page and got “mixed” results.

It’s not easy to market a SAAS product unless you have huge resources and a hell lot of time to wait.. which Mark Didn’t and he realized it soon.

So he started building his Twitter following by creating the “AI Threads” which worked!

He got 45k followers in 3 months and 7,500 people on the early access list including around 6800 people signed up for his personal newsletter.

AND… That’s insane, isn’ it ?

Then to launch his product in September-October, Mark began to message his list, 100 contacts at a time to update them about the early sign-up.

This brought on the initial users and their feedback helped the product to get better.

Hence, by the end of September PostCheetah had already reached $3k MRR.

Challenges and What’s next?💪

Penning in his own words, these are the PC is currently facing :

  • Working on a sustainable and predictable marketing channel that won’t rely on the personal email list.
  • Improve the customer retention and onboarding process because the churn is too much right now.
  • To focus on adding features more efficiently & only adding the needed things to save time.

The product has massive potential and the team knows it and is planning to hit 100X MRR.

Hope they get there soon! 💛

Well, this was the story of Mark’s PostCheetah!

Now let me share some alternative tools and competitors of PostCheetah!

Alternatives and Competitors 🥊

Although there aren’t many exact-looking SEO AI tools like PostCheetah, there are many popular ones that are doing the same thing. Some of these are Semrush, RankIQ, and SE Ranking.

Here is a detailed list of Alternatives to PostCheetah AI SEO Tools.

Conclusion 🌻

Hope you enjoyed this AI startup story, buddy !

Do you know any other AI tool that is built for SEO? Share with us!

Share this post with your network because good things become great by sharing.


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FAQ : PostCheetah AI SEO

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Can AI Replace SEO?

There are many ways AI can help SEO experts and streamline the SEO process. AI is already being used in search engines like GOOGLE to rank content.

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