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How AI is Used in Cadbury? | AI in Business | AI in Advertizing

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Hearing your name is one of the best feelings in the world. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing your name in a loving way, Isn’t it?

Think about all those times when someone used your name in a conversation while talking to you.

Don’t you feel more immersed? Well, We all do !

And brands like Cadbury know it well.

Cadbury being a consumer brand never fails to give a unique experience packed in a sweet box.

What’s the secret behind this personalized experience, you ask?

Yes it’s none other than AI.

A technology everyone has their eyes on!

AI is helping Cadbury to send more sweetness on your way.

If you are not living under the rock of a no-ad cave then you may have come across these unique Cadbury ads.

Though who doesn’t know Cadbury? But for the uninitiated Cadbury is a British multinational confectionery company that is known for its Dairy Milk chocolate, the Creme Egg and Roses selection box, and many other products.

The brand now comes under the Mondelez International.

Let’s see how Cadbury is using AI in its marketing, production, and other business operations :

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Cadubry using AI

Disclaimer : This Case Study is only for information purpose, it is not sponsored !

Marketing 📢

For the past 4 years, Cadbury has been leveraging AI to create hyper-personalized ad campaigns to deliver direct messages to its customers.

For 2 years Cadbury ad campaigns have been leveraging AI to promote over 1,800 local businesses on Diwali which is a popular Indian Festival.

It used Artificial Intelligence to create a hyper-personalised ad that shows local stores around the user’s specific pincode, prompting the viewer to buy from a local store.

The ad taps into the location data of the viewer and uses AI to collect over 260+ pin codes.

The video ad changes from person to person depending on where they are watching it.

Cadbury developed a geo-targeting algorithm to serve the ad customized to the viewer.

This ad featured Shah Rukh Khan (The Indian Superstar) as the model, who was asking viewers to shop from their local stores this Diwali.

The model promoted local stores and retailers through his voice by making several versions of an ad through AI-powered technology developed by

The ad was a part of Cadbury’s #NotJustACadburyAd campaign that aimed to support local businesses during the festive season

Cadbury also launched a new campaign that uses AI to make personalized birthday songs for its customers.

The campaign, called #MyBirthdaySong, allows the gifter to make their near and dear ones feel more loved by creating a customized song, intricately woven with likings and shared memories of the giftee.

The campaign uses AI and Machine Learning to generate unique lyrics and melodies based on the inputs given by the gifter.

Other than this Cadbury ran another ad campaign with Hrithik Roshan to send personalized Rakshabandhan wishes (another Indian Festival for Siblings).

Cadbury is experimenting with such ad campaigns using AI all around the world.

Business Operations 📈

Like any other business Cadbury is using AI, ML, AR, and other relative technologies for its internal operations like branding, supply chain, product development, and communication.


Cadbury’s chocolaty personalized experience to its shoppers shows that AI in advertising has greater potential than we assume.

AI in advertising is probably one of the pioneering uses of this technology that the “masses” got familiar with.

Did you ever get such a personalized experience with your Cadbury chocolate box? 🧉 Let me know in the comments!

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FAQ : Cadbury using AI

How is AI used in Advertizing?

AI is used in advertising to create more personalized, targeted, and effective campaigns. AI can analyze data, learn from past experiences, and make smarter decisions.

Some examples of AI in advertising are:
Cognitive advertising: using AI to create ads that adapt to the context and the audience.
Conversational marketing: using AI to interact with customers through chatbots and voice assistants.
Contextual advertising: using AI to deliver ads based on the content and the environment of the user.
Programmatic advertising: using AI to automate the buying and selling of ad space.

How small businesses can use AI in advertizing?

Small businesses can use AI to optimize ad budget, target customers, and personalize messages.

What ai tools are best for advertising and marketing?

Best AI tools for advertising and marketing are:
Phrasee: email marketing
Hootsuite: social media management
HubSpot: CRM and sales

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