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7 Must Know Marketing ChatGPT Prompts for your business in 2024

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Do you want to scale your marketing game with AI?

Scaling a small business as an indiehacker or solopreneur is not an easy game. Don’t worry ChatGPT or other LLM based AI assistant like (Bard AI, Bing , Claude etc.)  can help you. 

ChatGPT is an incredibly powerful tool for marketing!

However , you need to know how to prompt properly to get the most out of it!

Let me share some incredibly powerful AI prompts with you. 

These AI prompts will help you in Marketing, Content Reporpuse, and Sales and boost your growth and income 100x faster. 

Best ChatGPT Marketing prompts

PROMPT 1 – Content  Repurposing

Rewrite this Instagram post for Twitter within a 250-token limit. To assist you, use these limits. To assist you, use these details:details:

Insert the following for ChatGPT:

  • The original Instagram post copy
  • Character (token) limits for the Twitter version: Hashtags or mentions to include or adapt: Visual elements or emojis to consider: Preferred tone or style for the Twitter post:
  • Key messages or core content to retain

PROMPT 2 – Landing page headline

Write me a personalized landing page headline that resonates with our ideal customer. To craft a compelling headline, use these details:

Insert the following for ChatGPT:

  • Details about the ideal customer, including demographics and interests:
  • Information about the product or service being offered:
  • Key benefits or value propositions to emphasize:
  • Unique selling points or competitive advantages:
  • Preferred tone or style for the headline:
  • Keywords or phrases for inclusion (if applicable):
  • Character count or length limitations for the headline:
  • Goals or objectives for the landing page (e.g., lead generation, product sales):
  • Pain points or challenges of the ideal customer addressed by the product or service:


PROMPT 3 – Newsletter Subject Line

Generate four different email subject lines for our upcoming email marketing campaign about a webinar on the topic of [insert topic]. To make them engaging and effective, use these details:

Insert the following for ChatGPT:

  • Details about the webinar topic, including key points or takeaways:
  • Target audience for the email marketing campaign: Campaign goals or objectives (e.g., registrations, attendance):
  • Unique selling points or webinar highlights to emphasize: Preferred tone or style for the subject lines:
  • Keywords or phrases related to the topic to include: Character count limitations for the subject lines: Competitors or similar webinars to consider: Upcoming dates or deadlines related to the webinar: Seasonal or timely elements to incorporate:

PROMPT 4 – Email Marketing Ideas

Help develop three content ideas for an email drip campaign targeting new customers. To create effective content, use these details:

Insert the following for ChatGPT:

  • Industry or type of business for the campaign:
  • Main campaign goal or objective:
  • Customer segments or personas among new customers:
  • Branding or messaging guidelines to follow:
  • Key products or services of interest to new customers:
  • Customer preferences, pain points, or common questions:
  • Upcoming events, promotions, or holidays to integrate:
  • Length or format preferences for the content ideas:
  • Competitor or industry benchmarks to consider:
  • Calls to action or specific goals for each content piece:

PROMPT 5 – Optimizing Google Ads

Brainstorm four unique concepts for Google ad campaigns targeting customers in the following locations: [insert locations]. To create effective ad concepts, use the following details:

Insert the following for ChatGPT:

  • Business or industry details for the ad campaigns:
  • Specific locations or regions to target:
  • Target customer demographics or interests:
  • Products or services to promote:
  • Unique selling points or competitive advantages:
  • Goals or objectives for each ad campaign:
  • Budget or bidding strategies (if any):
  • Seasonal or timely factors to consider:
  • Competitor ad campaigns or industry benchmarks:
  • Restrictions or guidelines for ad content/format:

PROMPT 6 – Sales Funnels

Help me develop a sales funnel for a new [PRODUCT],including emails, ads, and landing pages to convert leads into paying customers. To create an effective funnel, including emails, ads, and landing pages to convert leads into paying customers, use these details:

Insert the following for ChatGPT:

  • Features and benefits of the product:
  • Target audience or ideal customer profile:
  • Existing customer data or leads (if any):
  • Pain points addressed by the system:
  • Preferred pricing strategy or model:
  • Primary goals or conversion points within the funnel:
  • Preferred email platforms or ad platforms:
  • Branding or messaging guidelines to follow:
  • Seasonal or time-sensitive factors to consider:
  • Competitors or industry benchmarks

PROMPT 7 – YouTube Video Marketing 

Write a video script for a YouTube video introducing [PRODUCT]. To create an engaging video, use these details:

Insert the following for ChatGPT:

  • Details about the product
  • Main objective of the YouTube video (e.g., drive course enrollment, provide an overview):
  • Target audience or demographics for the video:
  • Unique selling points or benefits of the product to highlight
  • Preferred tone or style for the video:
  • Branding elements to include (e.g., logos, color schemes):
  • Desired duration or length of the YouTube video:
  • Specific calls to action (CTAs) or next steps for viewers:
  • Examples of similar videos or references for inspiration:
  • Keywords or phrases related to SEO for search optimisation:



So this was a list of the most powerful AI prompts for small businesses. AI tools are most effective for these business for better Marketing strategies.

However, they can be used by content creators, freelancers, and anyone looking to save hours of time and get 100x growth using AI tools like Chatgpt, bard or Bing. 

Share this post with your network because good things become great by sharing.


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FAQ : Marketing ChatGPT prompts
Can we use ChatGPT for marketing?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT for marketing. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that can generate various types of marketing content, such as blog posts, email campaigns, social media posts, and more. It can also help you with market research, competitive analysis, customer engagement, and sales enablement.

How do I ask ChatGPT to create a marketing plan?

To ask ChatGPT to create a marketing plan, you need to provide a clear and detailed prompt.
For example, you can write something like “Create a marketing plan for [company name] with the following objectives: [list your objectives]. Include the target market, marketing mix, budget, timeline, and metrics.”
ChatGPT will then generate a marketing plan based on your prompt. You can also add more information or specifications to your prompt, such as the industry, the product or service, the tone of voice, the word count, etc.

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